Zlatan Ibrahimovic labelled 'Judas' as house vandalised and Malmo statue set on fire

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been labelled ‘Judas’ and seen his home in Stockholm vandalised after his decision to invest in Swedish side Hammarby. The Swedish legend, 38, has announced that he has become a part-owner in the Allsvenskan side. Ibrahimovic has purchased a 22.5 percent stake in the Stockholm-based club, after purchasing half of the Anschutz Entertainment Groups share; AEG are also the main investors in LA Galaxy. But Ibrahimovic’s decision hasn’t gone down well with supporters of Malmo - where he grew up and

started his illustrious career - with fans of his boyhood club attempting set fire to the statue of Ibrahimovic that stands outside their stadium. Judas has been daubed on Zlatans front door (Image: TT News Agency/PA Images) Zlatans statue has been daubed with graffiti (Image: Imago/PA

Images) When asked if he was concerned about potential backlash from Malmo fans on Wednesday, Ibrahimovic said: What I have done for Malmo will be there forever. This is a completely different situation. It has nothing to do with where my career began. However, on Wednesday afternoon a toilet seat was placed around one of Ibrahimovics arms on the statue, with a plastic bag put over its face, leading to the monument subsequently being protected by police. On the evening, masked men tried to set fire to his statue with Bengali fires. The statue was sprayed with w

hite paint and a racist message - labelling Ibrahimovic a Cigani, a slang term used to deride Romani people - was spray-painted next to it. A toilet seat and a plastic bag were used to vandalise the statue (Image: Imago/PA Images) Read MoreRelated ArticlesZlatan Ibrahimovic confirms next move as he becomes co-owner in new club Read MoreRelated ArticlesJadon Sancho gagged by Borussia Dortmund as tension mounts amid transfer speculation A betrayal became a betrayal and a provocation, Kaveh Hosseinpour, vice-chairman of Malmos official supporters’ group said. So he basically stuck a knife in our backs, and then he came along with a sword and chopped off our heads. The statue is completely worthless now, just a piece of junk. The best way to solve that was if it was removed an

d put somewhere in Stockholm or something.” Zlatans doorstep (Image: TT News Agency/PA Images) Fans try to set fire to the statue on Wednesday night Yet in Stockholm, ‘Judas’ was daubed on Ibrahimov

ic’s front door at his home. A protest sign declaring RIP Judas was also left on his doorstep, as were cans of fermented fish. Police have begun a “preliminary investigation” into the incident, while Aftonbladet reports that they are considering tightening up the surveillance of the address after the incident. It comes following Ibrahimovics declaration that: We are to be known across the world. Not just in Sweden but in the world. Everyone will know about Hammarby and when people see the logo they will know: this is Hammarby. ”There are no limits as to how far Hammarby can go. Read MoreMirror Footballs Top StoriesTransfer News LIVESolskjaer confirms Sanchez u-turnKlopp to avoid FA Cup backlashFA Cup fifth round draw in full Ibrahimovic’s former Sweden international teammate Pontus Jansson, currently with Brentford in the Championship, admits the 38 year-old’s decision has seen him lose respect from fans in Malmo. For me, Zlatan has been a role model since I was little. Now hes lost a great deal of respect. I can understand if its business, but then he shouldnt say those other things about Hammarby. You dont have to be a brain scientist to understand the frustration.